Three SURPRISING things that Affect your Credit Score!


 Credit is a game. Nowadays, each credit bureau can issue you a score, along with the traditional FICO score. But some things are certain: credit card debt affects credit score, positively and negatively. But did you know that there are other types of debt that affect credit scores? Some of these issues, if left unchecked, may even have worse consequences! Here are just a few:

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents are exactly what they are: accidents. And being accidents, they are often unpredictable. Sometimes, they happen in between insurance payments. Sometimes, you were driving mom’s car just to go to the corner store and you happen to not be on her insurance. There are plenty of ways that a vehicle ends up uninsured in an accident and the driver and the owner of the car are personally liable for the damages. These debts are handled very quickly as the insurance companies hire big firms to move the cases through the court. Even more diligently, the creditors report this debt to the bureaus. When the judgment gets entered, it can not only wreak havoc on your credit but the creditor can send the Order to the Secretary of State and suspend your license! 

Library Fines

Library fines, just like any other debt, have the potential value to debt collection agencies. In a world where debts are bought and sold a hundred times over, it has happened that library fines have been sold to a third party collector. And of course, that third party reports to credit bureaus. Then, these companies will add their fees and costs to your balance. The good news is that most libraries are trending the opposite directions, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a credit impact from an old library fine. 


An eviction is “the action of expelling someone, especially a tenant, from a property.” From the legal world, the eviction is the actual complaint that was filed. Its function is to expel the tenant from the property and the whole process will do so; however, an eviction can be damaging from just the filing in itself. So often when asked, people automatically assume because no judgment has been entered, that no “eviction” was filed. That’s absolutely not true and you are not free from the damages just because you were spared judgment. The filing in itself is public record and that means that it may appear on certain credit reports. Even in a “soft pull,” where the credit pull doesn’t affect your credit score, the eviction and lawsuit history may appear, affecting prospects down the line. 

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