Tenant Eviction Defense

In Chicago, IL, evictions are a fast moving process.

An action for forcible eviction is handled on a expedited schedule in Cook County and a case can move from service to trial within a matter of weeks.  What often happens is that tenants get served days before a court date or worse, only discover the case after an Order of Possession is entered against them.  That’s why is so important to not delay and call an attorney as soon as you discover the matter.

At the Shimotake Law Firm, LLC, we routinely help tenants navigate these often stressful times.  We routinely review your case and make sure to craft a solution and strategy that fits your needs.  In addition, the Shimotake Law Firm, LLC will review your matter for all possible issues, including violations of the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.  These violations may mean a reduction in your arrears or even money to help you move.

We will work hard to give you the time and mental headspace that you need to make your next move toward a better, brighter future.  Call or click here to schedule a free consultation with The Shimotake Law Firm, LLC

Tenant's Rights

In the City of Chicago, tenants are afforded rights under the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, often referred to as the CRLTO. These ordinance empower tenants in Chicago, IL with basic rights, such as prohibition from landlord’s accessing without notice or strict direction regarding the handling of a security deposit.

It creates procedures for both landlord and tenants to follow in the event of common conflicts, such as missed rent or a serious lack of utility.  Finally, it outlines remedies and compensation where a landlord does not comply with the Ordinances.

THE SHIMOTAKE LAW FIRM, LLC has negotiated, counseled and represent tenants through difficult situations and worked hard to get the remedies and compensation they deserve.  Our experienced attorneys will review your case and your goals to create a strategy for you.

If you feel that your landlord has violated your right and you need an advocate, schedule a free consultation with THE SHIMOTAKE LAW FIRM, LLC today.