We hear it all the time: How am I going to get around without a car?  It doesn’t matter if you’re just out of high school or a senior citizen, a car is fast becoming a necessity.  In today’s world, it’s hard to survive without a vehicle.

The reality is that cars COST money.  As of 2017, AAA estimates costs of a new vehicles at around $706 monthly!  AAA’s calculations take into account maintenance, depreciation, fuel and a few other considerations.  However, in the City of Chicago, we’ve got a few more things to worry about that puts a strain on the bank account and the car!  Here are just a few:

Fees:  in the City of Chicago, not only does the license plate require registration (and a fee!) but a city sticker needs to be prominent – and more importantly, paid for.  This means if you purchase a vehicle, be sure to have the funds to purchase these items right away.  Often, we see clients incur parking tickets and even impoundment due to delay!  That means the small unbudgeted fee becomes a serious financial crisis in just a few weeks. 

Maintenance:  Of course, no one purchases a car thinking that they’re never going to have to put maintenance into a vehicle but in the city of Chicago, we’ve got our work cut out for us.  We have a long winter season, which means salts erodes the body of the vehicle.  Keeping rust and other damages that depreciate the car require regular washings.  In addition, traffic causes brakes to give out quicker than in most rural areas.  Finally, the condition of the roads mean tires need to be replaced and rotated more often.  Always be vigilant of costs and have savings for these kind of repairs.

Incidentals:  In the City of Chicago, it would be hard to find one person who hasn’t gotten at least one parking ticket in their lifetime!  We live in a city where the parking is as violatile as the weather! Cubs parking, parking that suddenly become tow zones at rush hour, winter parking.  After all, we’re the city of Dibs!  City of Chicago parking tickets are also very strict.  All tickets have 25 days before the fees DOUBLE!  That means that $100 parking ticket goes to $200 in less than a month.  For an overview of City of Chicago Parking tickets, check out their website’s FAQs here. 

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