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Foreclosure Basics

In the event that you default on your mortgage, your mortgage company will then have the option to file a foreclosure complaint against you. A foreclosure complaint is the legal process that the mortgage company is required to go through in order to sell your home.

It cannot do so by just filing the case; rather, it must obtain a judgment from the court and only then, can it proceed with a sale. Before all that, you have the right to respond and you have the right to an attorney. An competent and experienced attorney will determine your situation from all the angles, reviewing for defenses that you may have and defects that the mortgage company may have erroneously made.

If your home is in Cook County and a foreclosure has been filed against you, your case will be heard in the Chancery Division located in the Daley Center in Chicago, IL.

The Shimotake Law Firm, LLC handles Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosures are often traumatic experiences.  Worse, a foreclosure is generally brought on by an already traumatic experience, such as a job loss or a death of a loved one.

The lawyers at THE SHIMOTAKE LAW FIRM LLC understand this and have the patience and experience to guide you through this difficult journey.  Our attorneys will provide a strategy that is tailored to your goals.  We will provide you with options every step of the way and be there for you with answers.

In the wake of the past decades of fraud, it’s important to have an attorney who was helping people through the difficult times as they will be able to see the signs that may save your home.  You may be entitled to money in some circumstances.

THE SHIMOTAKE LAW FIRM LLC will exhaust all options so that you know that you are making the best decision for you and your family.  Click here to schedule your free consultation with THE SHIMOTAKE LAW FIRM today.